Knowledge Base

What are the main scientific concepts and technical details of the DISS?

 Introduction : What is DISS?

Chapter 1: General concepts

  1. Understanding Active Faulting
  2. Understanding Active Fault Hazard
  3. Generalized seismogenic fault-source model
  4. Databases of active and seismogenic faults in the world

Chapter 2: Basic definitions of DISS content

  1. Definition of Individual Seismogenic Source
  2. Definition of Composite Seismogenic Source
  3. Definition of Debated Seismogenic Source
  4. Definition of Subduction Zone
  5. Definition of Area of Relevance

Chapter 3: Behind the scenes...

  1. Types of data and methods
  2. Data qualification
  3. Data sources and reporting

Chapter 4: Using the database interface

  1. Cartographic interface
  2. Alphanumeric interface
  3. Inserting comments (for registered users)

Extended bibliography

Papers that describe the DISS and its rationale


Regional overviews of seismogenic sources included in the DISS

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Thematic maps from DISS 3 and support data (2007) 

Thematic maps from DISS 3 (2009)

Thematic maps from DISS 3 (2010)

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