Become a contributor

The DISS Working Group is open to collaborations with the scientific community. By working together, we can build a better seismogenic fault database and deliver our improved knowledge to the seismic hazard modelers.

The opportunities of working with us vary depending on who you are and what you do. Students and research fellows could incorporate the analysis of seismogenic structures in their research or study plan. Scientists and professionals can share with us their knowledge of an area or adopt our platform in their own research projects. To get in touch with our group please use this form.

Undergraduate students: The ideal candidate should have a background in one or more of these fields: Quaternary geology, geomorphology, structural geology, geophysics. Familiarity with GIS mapping and full command of English are also key requirements. Discussing this matter in advance with your tutor or supervisor will facilitate the way you can incorporate this opportunity in your study plan.

PhDs and post-doc fellows: Several doctoral courses in Earth Sciences or Geophysics or Engineering can become an opportunity for sharing your experience with us and obtain a mutual benefit. The ideal candidate should have an interest in earthquake geology or geodynamic modeling or seismic hazard analysis. You can also sign up as a registered user to get more familiar with the database ideas and needs. 

Scientists and professionals: Why not sharing your experience with us? Give more visibility to your work and participate to an effort to improve our knowledge of the earthquake generating system. Sign up as a registered user for a start.  



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