The DISS Working Group

The DISS Working Group is formed by INGV scientists involved in research programmes on geologic data collection, active tectonics modeling, and hazard analyses (in alphabetical order):



Roberto Basili, PhD in Earth Sciences, twists geologic data into digital shapes.


Pierfrancesco BurratoEarthquake Scientist, active tectonics, morphotectonic and 3D modeling.


Michele M. C. Carafa, PhD in Earth Sciences, is the geodynamic modeler of the group (and a fine olive oil producer).


Umberto Fracassi, PhD in Earth Sciences, puts imagine-action in subsurface data.


Vanja KastelicPhD in Geological Sciences, studies active faults for seismic hazard input.



Francesco E. MaesanoPhD in Structural Geology, works on seismic reflection profiles and 3D geological modelling for investigating active faults.



Gabriele TarabusiPhD in Earth Sciences, masters a number of IT tools to help the group turning intuitions into actual data.


Mara Monica TibertiPhD in Geodynamics, parameterizes unfamiliar geologic objects ​into prospective seismogenic sources.


Gianluca Valensisesenior member of the group, brings in an insatiable curiosity for past and future earthquakes.  


Roberto Vallone, Geologist and IT expert.
He aims to become the link between
rocks and code. For the rest of the
time he runs almost everywhere.


Paola Vannoli, PhD in Earth Sciencesjoins earthquakes and geology into Earthquake Geology.


  • Anna De Santis (system manager)
  • Diego Sorrentino, Gianpaolo Sensale, Stefano Vazzoler (Virtual Infrastructure Administrators)


Andrea Spinelli, Morgan Rota Stabelli, Leonardo Olivieri, Enrico Bonacina (team QUALITY - Villa d'Almè, Bergamo) 

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