The "Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources" was conceived in the late '90s by a group of scientists of Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. The Database has since been greatly improved through successive releases.

Here are some excerpts from our reviewers. 

Final review of DPC-INGV S-projects 2004-2006 (September 2007)

"... DISS ... represents the most advanced database for seismogenic sources developed in a European seismotectonic context."

Julian Bommer, Domenico Giardini, Mario Ordaz, Thierry Winter

Final review of DPC-INGV S-projects 2007-2009 (July 2010)

"This seems like an indispensable tool for developing future seismic hazard models."

Oona Scotti, Kyriazis Pitilakis, Edward Field

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List of scientific papers that cite the DISS concepts or data content or used the DISS in an analysis or application.

Database updates are irregular and can be expected to appear approximately once in a few years. Users will be notified of any further versions through this website. Join our community to stay updated.

Following is a summary of its history and evolution.

  • July 2018: Version 3.2.1 (read more and download...). This version of DISS was completed in early July 2016 as one of the input datasets of Italy’s Seismic Hazard Map MPS16. Its use was restricted to participants in the MPS16 program until the public release of the Database in April 2018.
  • June 2015: Version 3.2.0 (read more and download...). Planned update.
  • July 2010: Version 3.1.1 (read more and download...) released as the final contribution to the project "Analysis of the seismic potential in Italy for the evaluation of the seismic hazard", funded by the Italian Department of Civil Protection.
  • June 2009: Version 3.1.0 (read more and download...) released as a contribution to the project "Analysis of the seismic potential in Italy for the evaluation of the seismic hazard", funded by the Italian Department of Civil Protection.
  • July and October 2007: Versions 3.0.3 (read more and download...) and 3.0.4 (read more and download...) released as a contribution to the project "Assessing the seismogenic potential and the probability of large earthquakes in Italy", funded by the Italian Department of Civil Protection.
  • September 2006: Version 3.0.2 (read more and download...) released, which includes a substantial extension of the database to the Mediterranean area.
  • April 2006: Version 3.0.1 goes on Google Earth®. DISS takes advantage of the free software Google Earth to facilitate its users and expand its capabilities in disseminating data.
  • November 2005: release of version 3.0.1 (read more and download...), a stable version of the database both as a standalone application and as an online cartographic interface.
  • May 2005: Beta release on the Internet of the standalone version of DISS 3.0.0, a simple MapInfo® application that shares the same data and the same structure with its web counterpart.
  • January 2005: release of the web version of DISS 3.0.0 (read more and download...), an Internet-based GIS application especially developed by IMteam. DISS 3.0.0 has an entirely new architecture and includes a substantial amount of new data structures and new information with respect to Version 2.0.
  • September 2004: the new DISS (which is now the acronym of Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources) was presented as Version 3.0 at the XXIX General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission in Potsdam.
  • October 2002: release of the Database of Potential Sources for Earthquakes Larger than M 5.5 in Europe, a web version of DISS 2.0 including seismogenic sources of the Euro-Mmediterranean area. The database was one of the outcomes of Faust (Faults as a Seismologists’ Tool), a research project funded by the European Community.
  • July 2001: new official version of DISS, Version 2.0 (read more and download...), that was subsequently published in a special issue of Annali di Geofisica (Valensise and Pantosti, 2001, Annali di Geofisica 44(4) Suppl.). The volume included explanations on the database structure, an operating manual and the full database on a CD-ROM.
  • July 2000: first official version of DISS (Version 1.0), a standalone MapInfo® application released for circulation within INGV and a few selected institutions. DISS’ structure was developed jointly by INGV scientists and by IMteam, a software consulting firm based in Bergamo.

To download data tables follow this link: DISS Download Page

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