Cartographic interface


Tool icon

Tool description

Action undertaken

Show full extent of map

Zoom out to show the full extent of the map (extended Mediterranean area).


Go back to the previous view/go to the next view.

Zoom to predefined extent

Used to show the full extent of the “area of relevance”.

Zoom in/Zoom out

Used to zoom in/out by clicking a point or dragging a box.


Drag it to pan the map frame.


Used to show the main properties of any geographic feature in a  pop-up window: if the selected feature is a seismogenic source the pop-up contains also the link to the relevant data page of the alphanumeric interface.


Used to select one or more features graphically by clicking or dragging a box around them: operates only on layer previously selected using the pull-down menu “Apply on layer” in map’s upper right corner.

Tool tip

Used to select individual features: operates only on layer previously selected using the pull-down menu “Apply on layer” in map’s upper right corner.


Measures distances and areas on the current map.

Add point of interest

Used to add a point to the map by clicking a location of interest

Create point from Lat Lon

Plots on the map a point of geographic coordinates Lat, Lon (WGS84).


Returns the coordinates of selected point.


Used to set the transparency of any layer using a slider tool: operates only on layer previously selected using the pull-down menu “Layer transparency” in map’s upper left corner. Refresh the map window for changes to take effect.

Refresh map

Used to refresh the map window.


On-line Help for the Cartographic interface.

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